The Luminaries- a long invested ride

The Luminaries is a brilliantly written book by Eleanor Catton. Her language and its usage is artfully crafted. Then there are streaks of genius and insight. There are nearly 800 plus pages worth, nearly twice the size of a novel invested to an interesting murder mystery at the center but more of a historical retelling of the times and lives and characters of gold mining towns in Hokitika and Dunedin. I read this around two months ago but could not bring myself to review it….mainly because I when I read, I read for the crux, the center of gravity. This beautifully created house of cards is like an era opening up to you where you can physically go and indulge your senses. If you are looking for some particular answers, you might leave frustrated like I did at the end.

This is not only a bestseller but is also the winner of the Man Booker Prize. That being said, you know that you will not like all Oscar winning movies. That is just the way it is. For those who are authors and like to explore different writing styles, this is A MUST READ. I learnt so much about the way that Catton crafts this book in the style of the early novelists but adding her own flavor to it. She painstakingly  and meticulously brushes back and forth until her vignette is complete. Then she puts it in an intricately elaborate gilded frame for the viewer to see an cleverly formed art work.

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