Career of Evil

What a title! Just looking at it got me so excited and I really wanted to read J.K Rowling AKA Robert Galbraith’s new book. It starts of nostalgically reminding me of Sherlock Holmes. The office and home set up, the sidekick and the relationship struggle (albeit here, there is a confusion and inner struggle between their relationships on a gender level) and most importantly, a mysterious package being delivered!

So body parts are getting mailed and there are alternate narrations between what is happening with Cormoran Strike and his secretary Robin Ellacott and the perpetrator. Through out the book, it is a back and forth on who is it and who is it not. The novel is a bit stretchy … I think there was a point it had become really obvious but JKR still tried to confuse the reader to keep them in self doubt. The novel however I think is more about the individual histories of Strike and Robin. We get to have a good look who these people are and where they are coming from. We had an inkling that Strike’s childhood/ teens were troubled, but here, we see what really shaped him as a man he is today. His tumultuous relationship with his step father and a broken mother and the memories he had buried deep are gushed out and put right in his face. He has to deal with two more memories. One wherein he put a man in jail and the other where he is accused of giving a terrible tormentor some serious brain injury. He reckons it is one of three that are out to get him , or rather Robin.

I have more respect for Robin in this book. She seems no longer a naive, eager puppy. Instead the way she deals with her childhood mishap and the way JKR deals with it in the book, the lack of overemphasis is more effective. I mean, this whole thing could have been more dramatized and made soppy, instead, what I am trying to say is that it is dealt with maturely. Okay so will all these things resurfacing, the present is packed with the impending doom and gloom of her wedding and I kept thinking ….okay she is going to break it off on this page, now this page …now…now….and then … tadaaa….hold on… are they back at it? Okay now what ? Hmmmpfff.

I am not saying whether she chooses her fiance or she hops over to Cormoran’s lap. Sorry folks, you will have to read it to know it or head over to one of those sites that tell the whole novel in a paragraph or two. But if you are willing to take a chance, this might turn out to be a very interesting afternoon read.

Amazon – Career of Evil

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