The Lincoln Lawyer

I find myself coming back to the mystery thriller genre subconsciously every time I think I should read something else. I know if the there is a thread being spun that is logical, there is a challenge in my mind to see if I can guess the next move. It is like a game of chess to see who can get there first.

I had already seen The Lincoln Lawyer many years ago and I remember liking it a lot. I also remember it to have some similarities with this movie in which Edward Norton faked a split personality… cant remember the name and I don’t dare stop writing to look it up on another tab because I know the first click that I tap, I will end up getting lost for half an hour doing search upon search upon search and end up somewhere else entirely. So back to the question of why I read this book when I already knew the story? I usually read the books and then watch the movie….seems logical, right? I don’t remember doing the opposite though and wanted to estimate whether Michael Connelly could still hold my interest even when I knew what the plot would be.

So did it? Yes. Was I imagining Matthew McCaugheney (will not do google search for correct name) as Mickey Haller. Surprisingly, no. I really like Matthew. I mean, look at him in the past couple of years, he has really out done himself. He broke free of his stereotype but in my head, Connelly’s Haller is more conflicted, like tugging between earthy and slithery.

So just to refresh what this book is all about… Mickey Haller, criminal defense lawyer gets a case. A man-boy-something has been arrested for beating the living hell out of a lady of the night. Pretty straight forward so far? Except he didn’t. Or did he? His word against hers. Starts to look like a setup to get money out of him. But then things start going sideways. And then history starts brimming up. Then a murder. Except who has done it? Everyone has an alibi. Except Haller. Now he starts getting stuck in a really messy quagmire. How will he ever get out? He so desperately needs a rope to pull him out.

Michael Connelly… I shall read you more. Till the next one!

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