The Return of Bosch

Like a junkie on a downward spiral, I can not stop listening to Michael Connelly. He writes in clean precision. Every word is meaningful and serves a purpose. So, when I finished with The Crossing last week, I had to pick up the needle and break some skin again.

Angle of Investigation is a set of three short stories, Christmas Even, Father’s Day and Angle of Investigation. The first story revolves around the death of burglar who suddenly dies while robbing a pawn shop. The best of the three, you think you know what has happened here but the answer being simple is also woven into a convoluted backstory for Bosch and someone who has altered his life. If you want to dig into a rare glimpse of B’s youth, do not miss Christmas Even.

Father’s Day is a downright sad and terrible affair_ plot and crafting is too succinct and I felt it was more like a short … short … very short story. I only say this because while reading it, I felt so much more could be added, or ‘angled’ in this way or that. This is my verdict for Angle of Investigation too. B returns to Open Unsolved Unit (cold cases) and zealously tries to find something on a murder that had occurred thirty years ago when, as a patrol man, he finds his first dead body_ the body of a middle aged woman, that strikes a deep personal core as his own mother was met with similar circumstances. He, however, unlike Dexter in his zeal for killing, lives for the high of catching the perpetrators _ the invisible friend of the dead.

Three interesting short stories for fans of Michael Connelly and for a nice lazy afternoon.

Angle of Investigation at Amazon


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