Hieronymus Bosch and I – The Crossing

I think it was sometime three years ago that I happened to come across Michael Connelly (I know…where was I all this time?) and his Harry Bosch series. I thought it was pretty good and went on to read I guess 2 more or so. I usually end up googling what I read after lapping up all the pages but it wasn’t until I finished The Crossing today that it suddenly clicked that this is the guy who wrote the Lincoln Lawyer (I have to sheepishly admit that I have seen the movie only). I remember one of my students recommending me to watch it during a spring break and there being a huge debate on the merits of the movie. Watching Mathew McConaughey pull his accent and suave charm for two hour… well that has got to be entertainment!

Connelly writes well. He is a storyteller that spins craftily and can still leave one hanging over the rollercoaster, even when we know how the ride will end. The male protagonist Harry (Hieronymus)Bosch, is a cowboy cleaning up the streets of LA. He has been around and some more. Couple his character with Mickey Haller- The Lincoln Lawyer, who is also Bosch’s step-brother and the mix could have been electrifying. Could have been…

Blame it on the serial binge of CSI and Criminal Minds and the gazillion crime shows that I have watched, or just plain logic, the plot was decidedly clear. I think I knew half way through what the connections were already, and how everything was going to fall into place. In fact, even the end beyond the end was predictable… isn’t that just sad? I invested nearly 9 hours and 24 minutes and 38 seconds hearing this on audible, taking in Titus Welliver’s superb narration all the while predicting how this would pan out. Don’t take this for any lack of ingenuity on the author’s part. It was superbly written and I will definitely be reading more of the intriguing Harry Bosch, but this could have been … so much more. If you want to try out for yourself, I have included a link for the first 9 chapters that are available for free.

Amazon- The Crossing

Amazon- The Crossing- Free first 9 Chapters

Amazon- The Lincoln Lawyer




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