Waiting to be Happy

We book vacations and go to resorts, unwind at spas and get into the  mood at coffee shops, look at pictures of cruises and check out rates for holiday packages… all an effort to getaway.  

From whom?

Do you find yourself scrolling and clicking away an afternoon looking at pictures of diamond rings and dresses and shoes and kitchen gear and stationary and boats and homes and blah blah and blah blah. Suddenly the evening light hits you and the tree outside your window sways to say hi there.

Screen shut, aching hands stretch to open the doors outside and as your toes sink between the blades of grass, everything else is forgotten. A leaf falls on your head. Grabbing the leaf and looking at it in the palm of your hand, a wave of silent joy fills inside and spreads a warm glow.

 The most ordinary of things, mundane and unspectacular, inconsequential and unglamorous, have happiness stored in their stoma and they are willing to share it, now and always.


18 thoughts on “Waiting to be Happy

  1. Every vacation I take ends the same way. Me sitting somewhere on my computer pounding out stories, replies to blogs, or making new ones. I have paid thousands of dollars to do what I am doing right now, which is watching a fire, writing a bit and listening to the green, green grass of home grow.

    Thanks for visiting my blog. I look forward to more conversations.



  2. Thank you for visiting and following my blog. Through photography, I see the beauty and joy fills my heart. Processing the pictures allows me to make the raw image into what my emotions originally saw. Your writing touches the soul.

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