No nonsense ideas to writing


Often while reading help or instruction books, one comes across lines and sentences and paragraphs full of unwanted drool. Eyes go skip- skip- skip , search for the bullet points, jump the author’s reveries and sagacious words and finally find the real thing to realise that the central idea is but a paragraph which is stretched to the next ten pages.

THIS IS A NO NONSENSE BOOK. The title is a little misleading as it says 1100 ways to write your story, and in my mind when I expected to open this book I would find methodology and not prompts. This book is full of ingenious and mundane prompts, some are those that your High School English teacher may have rolled on you and some are really clever! This book is like a mini muse.

The prompts are divided into categories which is very convenient. Some of them I have listed below:

  1. On the Lighter Side—These prompts will inspire some lighthearted
    stories that will hopefully make both the writer and reader feel good.
  2. And the Dark Side—These prompts should get to the grittier, more
    horrific side of things and create some truly dark and depressing tales.
  3. Finish the Thought—These prompts are the starting lines of your story.
    All you have to do is fill in the blank and then keep on writing.
  4. Description—These prompts focus on the idea of describing an object or
    event. When you delve into this section, try to make your descriptions detailed,
    and use all five of your senses.

Some of the prompts are stories that we already know and plots that have been explored before. I think if you are able to identify them as a reader, it shows how aware you are of the ideas that are floating out there. The challenge is to take an idea that has been dealt with and to explore it further and deeper. Maybe give it an interesting perspective or a new character or just construct and plaster it in an original voice.

Here are some examples from the category, The Quirky Side:

102. A geneticist has successfully spliced the genes of two unlikely
animals, resulting in a very strange creature. Describe the creature and
the animals it came from.
103. Imagine what would happen if you put two most different
people you know into a room together, with nobody else.
104. There is a knock on the door and when you answer it you
discover an identical twin you have never met before standing there.
What happens?
105. Write about a man who teaches his pet cockroaches to tap
106. Write about a person who is completely driven by their
compulsions and has no control over them.

This was an ebook that I received prepublication for a review and the greatest bother I had with it was that its pdf version, created in CreateSpace is in need to serious polishing. Firstly, each page was a double page so it was impossible for me to read on my Kindle let alone my phone. Scrolling was cumbersome and I was zooming in and out like a dirty peeping tom that continuously bobs his head in and out. Other than the formatting issues which really need to be dealt with,  I am already looking forward to testing the waters with these prompts and hopefully posting them in my rantings.

To find the book: Amazon Link to 1100 Ways to Write Your Story


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