What instigates a person to commit crime? What are the primal urges that leads one to rape, torture and kill?

Cassie Reynold is an assassin for the government and has a need to eradicate evil. She picks up interest in a cold case that belonged to her boyfriend and rakes up the rape and murder of a young teenager called Jennie Day.
The story travels back in time to the incident and we immediately know who the sadistic killer is. The reader is in on it through the whole journey and can see Cassie unravelling one thread at a time of the 4 year-old-case. Cassie teams up with Detective Harrogate, who is now retired, and together they piece together and find out who the killer is. Meanwhile, we get insights into the growth of the killer and his newer ‘conquests’. Does he get away with it or is he caught? Read to find out!

On a critical level, Eric Drouant in Jimmy Funtime picks up interesting ideas and questions but does not delve into them. The writing is clear and interesting to read. The first half of the book is face paced and my curiosity was highly peaked about knowing the characters. But Drouant only provides glimpses. The book’s only flaw is that it is underdeveloped. We are offered some snippets into Cassie’s past, but that is all there is… snippets. Her anxieties and her motivations are mentioned earlier in the book but they completely disappear later on, leaving a gaping hole of disconnect which I had to jump to get on with the plot. Cassie’s psychic ability is mentioned and once demonstrated but it was all in a detached surrealistic kind of way that is not repeated. I honestly even forgot about it by the end of the book and only remembered when I looked up the title.

The plot is fast paced and the digressions build to the main story. Infact, the main digression (Carol Day angle) could have been built up to provide a greater impact. Dialogues were scarce but enough to string the plot along. Since I had been reading the ebook (free copy by Story Cartel for a critical review), the book ends at pg 144 and there are blank pages upto pg 159, so for a bit I was confused whether the book had really ended or not. Moreover, being an English Major and Teacher, I have been cursed with the gift of proofreading and editing and I did pick up on some errors. However, they are so minor that they don’t effect the reader in the slightest. There are some torture scenes that are so intense that they make this book only for adults.

My Verdict: A book that did not actualize its potential.

Amazon- Jimmy Funtime



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