Goodreads Challenge

If you are having a minor fling or even an all out affair with books, well you aren’t the only hopeless loser in the history of the entire history … Books command attention (Michael Crichton’s any book), give sleepless nights (Stephen King) , make you cry (Wuthering Heights), squeal with laughter, put you on a cloud of wonder (too many to count) and can lead you to ravenous murdering rampages (Catcher in the Rye). The spectrum of emotion is limitless and ages like good pickles.

This year I took up the GoodReads reading challenge. I read and listen to books. Sometimes this and sometimes that. So far, out of the 50 books that I pledged, I am somewhere nearing 18 going on 19. This is not too bad considering the mister and myself have uprooted ourselves as Ents (LOTR reference) and hopped over two continents to settle nicely into a Dublin which is not in Ireland but actually in sunny California!

I have already posted reviews of two of the books in this list and will be posting more soon. If you want to start with the challenge yourself, it’s not too late. It never is. I wistfully thought that if I could read a book a week, I would … but it doesn’t work that way.

Big Book - Just a little left
It ain’t about the quantity but the quality. So whatever the number, share the good, the bad and the uglies that you’ve read/ would like to read this year.
For those who want to see my inventory:Goodreads Challenge

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