Two food lovers go to this warm Italian restaurant. This place has only goodness to offer.

We are offered some homemade bread out of the wood oven and olive dipped in olive oil to go with it. Of course this would be incomplete with out some butter.

We order a Pizza and Pasta, some Saudi Champagne to go with it.
The food is right out of the oven, delicious and tantalizing.
The sweet and delicate herbs with flavoured cheese and savoury sauces break havoc on the taste buds.
Simply Incredible.
The ambiance adds miles and miles to the journey we make towards eating. Our senses are drunkenly transported away to some far country side.
And on our way out, neat piles colored of earthen ware bid farewell.
I feel like a big fat cat who has smugly indulged and feels the warm fuzz all over.

and in the end, goodbye to The Altar of Happiness… for now.